The fashion collection to raise awareness for the red flags in relationships. 

Most of the women we know in our lives have a story about violence. At least every fourth woman in Bulgaria does. Instead of resorting to statistics, we wanted to remind that every single one of these stories begins with a red flag. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not. 

That's why we created The Red Flag Collection - the fashion collection that shows you, quite literally, the early signs of physical and verbal violence. Yana Marinova, Desi Slava, Kali, Gloria Petkova and Tsvetelina Tsekova stood behind the campaign and represented the collection in a photo shoot along with a video about the campaign.  
We launched the T-shirts for the collection as a collaboration between Fashion Days & the Bulgarian fashion brand Verychi. The online response was overwhelming and the campaign received a well-deserved shout-outs from celebrities, influencers and regular users alike. 

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