Everyone says, "Be the first one."  
But isn't there something more important? 

Think of that friend who counts down the days until the hike, even though he's panting from the start. The neighbor who jogs around the neighborhood, even though she stops at every bench. Or your uncle who's always been passionate about the game, even though he’s never won an actual football match.

They might not be professionals. They may not be very good at it. 
They rarely play sports for the score. They even do it in spite of it.  
But they've found the movement they burn for, and they truly enjoy it.  

And for 10 years now, Decathlon has been supporting everyone who's passionate about it. Because we know that it's not what place you finish that matters, but just how much you burn with а passion for sports.

The TV was supported by OHH and digital activations.

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