We tackled the issue of animal cruelty using a fresh yet relatable angle: online shopping. By juxtaposing a pointing cursor with a chinchilla's head, we highlighted the impact of our purchases on innocent animals. This HSI campaign, launched across 6 markets on Fur Free Friday, garnered 1.7 million signatures and reached over 20 million people, emphasizing the need for change.

The problem
with animal cruelty is difficult to solve and even more difficult to watch. To avoid making yet another campaign with shocking images, we chose a different angle to approach the same problem – online shopping. While everyone was waiting for Black Friday, we released a visual with a pointing cursor placed next to a chinchilla's head: a visual metaphor for the connection between our purchases and the deaths of innocent animals.  

The vision went from digital to live via OOH advertisements located in Berlin, among other European capitals. The campaign launched simultaneously in 6 markets on Fur Free Friday (the day against fur trade), gathered over 1.7 million signatures (against a target of 1 million) and reached over 20 million people.

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